be King and Jester of your Life!
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- our philosophy -

Already paved roads are too boring for us. Convention and habits should be questioned and not used to stagnate. And so we have made it our mission to reinvent ourselves time after time, but without losing our personal integrity.

We want to open new perspectives and offer something to hold on to in bad moments so you won‘t get lost in the machinery of life.

Self-determination, fair and livelihood securing wage, creation and maintenance of safety regulations, decent working conditions. Unfortunately, this all is still no mandatory standard and not a matter of course, which is why we do our part and only purchase products that are produced in compliance with the Fair Wear Foundation conditions.

All products are printed on order by hand at our company. Thus, each piece is unique and we make ourselves the duty to ensure the earliest possible delivery of your orders.

We stand for a conscious and environmentally friendly handling of our products and therefore we don‘t to use plastic. In addition, with our build-to-order principle we do not outsource our goods to avoid unnecessary transports.

“The path to the goal starts on the day you take full responsibility for what you are doing.” We have made this statement by Dante Alighieri to our motto.

- be King and Jester of your Life! -

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