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- Your Charity -

You would like to do something charitable, but you do not really know where to start or how to generate donations? Then we have the solution to how you can engage socially – and depending on the success of your personal campaign, you’ll even be rewarded for your efforts.
We’ll explain you how it works:
Set up your own personal charity project via the contact form below, and we will collect for every single item purchased with your code € 1, – for your project (the code must be entered as coupon code upon order completion). You personally decide how long your project lasts and who the beneficiary of your project is.
There are no costs for you and we even reward you depending on your engagement with free items from our shop (in the list below you can see which gifts you get from us).
The world does not save itself by hostile comments on social media … Therefore, sign up now with your personal charity campaign in our shop and help us to help those who need our help!
(We reserve ourselves before publication of each charity action an examination, since we do not support questionable organizations, political groups or religious associations – because it is about helping those who really need help.) Donations under € 25,- are not paid out and are going into our own project for the “Pfotenhilfe Lochen”).

donation amountyour gift(s)
from€ 25,001 Shopping Bag/Gymbag (at your own option)
from€ 50,001 Shirt/Tank Top (at your own option)
from€ 100,001 Hoodie (at your own option)
from€ 250,003 Shirts/Tank Tops & 1 Cap (at your own option)
from€ 500,002 Hoodies, 2 Shirts/Tank Tops & 1 Cap (at your own option)
from€ 750,002 Hoodies, 4 Shirts/Tank Tops & 2 Caps (at your own option)
from€ 1.000,003 Hoodies, 6 Shirts/Tank Tops & 3 Caps (at your own option)

- help us to help those who need our help! -

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